Oral Prosthetics and TMJ

What is dental prosthesis?
Dental prosthesis refers to the rehabilitation of teeth that are in poor condition or that have already been lost. There are fixed prostheses (on teeth or implants), removable prostheses and combinations between the different systems.

When is a prosthesis recommended?
In cases of rehabilitation of teeth with defective crowns or missing pieces. The industry has made different materials available to us to work on prostheses. The current trend is to work with pure porcelain, always valuing the individual characteristics of each case.

A very common problem in today's society is stress. This is usually closely related to the habit of unconsciously clenching the teeth (day/night), thus causing dental alterations such as loss of tooth height and pain in the muscle and jaw joint. The treatment requires rehabilitation, among other aspects, using a unloading splint.


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